About Us

MyCFSpace is the brainchild of Denard Springle, a seasoned CF developer, mentor, evangelist, and trainer with over two decades of experience in the field. With a robust IT background spanning more than 30 years, Denard's expertise serves as the foundation for MyCFSpace, a platform that encapsulates years of honing skills in both CFML application development and hosting

Denard has a rich history of community engagement, contributing to user groups, conferences, online forums, and support channels. Notably, he spearheaded initiatives like Team CF Advance, aimed at modernizing the CFML language and stewarding wayward CFML projects.

The inception of MyCFSpace stems from Denard's enduring commitment to giving back to the CFML community, which has been instrumental in his professional journey.

Central to MyCFSpace's mission is providing a nurturing environment for CFML developers to thrive and evolve with the language. To fulfill this aspect of our mission, we offer one complimentary* year of Lucee 6 shared hosting to CFML learners. Whether you're diving into CFML for the first time or honing your skills, MyCFSpace is tailored to support your journey. NOTE: One CFML Learner plan per customer. Subject to approval. Other limitations apply. See all details.

Additionally, MyCFSpace endeavors to offer cost-effective hosting solutions for open-source developers seeking to showcase their projects. If you require a demo site, documentation hub, forum, or wiki for your Lucee 6-compatible CFML project, we're here to assist. NOTE: One Open Source plan per project. Subject to approval. Other limitations apply. See all details.

Furthermore, our mission extends to advocating for the wider adoption of CFML in web development. We provide affordable Lucee 6 CFML shared hosting solutions, lowering barriers for professional development shops and startup ventures to harness the power of CFML in fueling their growth.

As fellow CFML developers, we offer more than just hosting services. We bring a profound understanding of our clients' needs and the software they utilize. Think of us not just as hosting partners, but as CFML allies ready to assist with any CFML-related requirements. Reach out to our support team at support@mycfspace.com with a description of your needs, and let's kickstart the journey together.


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